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a white shed with gray tirm

Your 7-Step Shed Buying Guide for Newbie Shed Owners

Picture this: You’ve finally decided to invest in a shed to declutter your outdoor space and provide convenient storage for your garden tools and equipment. However, the thought of going through the complex and confusing process of purchasing a shed…
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a two-car garage with a cupola on top

5 Big Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Vinyl Siding Garage

Are you considering investing in a vinyl siding garage for your home? We understand this decision comes with its fair share of questions and concerns. At Backyard Outdoor Structures, we believe that making an informed choice is key to finding…
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A cement pad prepped for a new garage.

Grading and Site Preparation for Your New Garage Site

Without proper grading and site preparation, even the most beautifully designed garage can encounter numerous challenges. Issues such as poor drainage, unstable foundation, and inadequate soil composition can jeopardize the integrity of your structure, leading to costly repairs and potential…
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